Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Euro Trip: Paris, Part II

Day 3 (I think it was day 3? but it doesn't really matter) found us at Musee du Luxembourg to see the Chagall exhibit there. It was a nice contrast to the many, many, many paintings of Jesus and Mary that I had seen in the previous days. Chagall was Jewish and a lot of his works reflect that.
In the gardens, there was another small exhibition of a local artist. Her paintings were wonderful. If I ever have enough money that I can buy art, I'll buy one of her paintings.
^v Jardin du Luxembourg v^
After walking through the gardens, we made our way to Notre Dame. We didn't wait in the ridiculous line to get in, we just enjoyed the view from the outside. It's an incredible building so that was completely fulfilling.

^ do you think I have enough photos of Musee du Louvre? ^
^ we walked through the flower district and, naturally, I made a beeline for the cactuses ^

Then, on our way home, we stopped by L'Opera Garnier. GUYS. It's straight out of The Phantom of the Opera and I was in heaven. I took a photo of every single costume they had on display. They were all so beautiful, so real. It amazed me to think that people dance on that stage. People sit in THAT audience. Gives me goosebumps just remembering.
^ this ceiling was painted by Chagall! ^
^ the view from the outside balcony ^
^ The Rite of Spring! as a music major, I got pretty excited about this ^
So yeah. This was all in one day. And it was so much fun. I think later this day, I went back out on my own just to walk around and go in and out of some stores. It was nice.

I have at least two more posts, I think. Sorry about that, but then again, this blog is mine so I'm not sorry! I like sharing these photos. I'm kind of re-living my trip. And since I miss Paris a lot, it makes me feel better.

See my other posts from this Europe trip HERE. In other news: John comes home TOMORROW!

Until next time...


  1. That picture of you on the grounds is adorable! I love your hat. You are so chic!

    That opera house. I can't even. It is so lush and romantic. Did you get to see the underground lake? I'm dying to get there!

    Tightrope to the Sun

    1. (I'm not that chic, it was just so hot and sunny and I didn't have sunglasses!)
      And no, I'm pretty sure the opera house from the movie was a set, although maybe based off of this real one. The lake is most likely not there, ha. :(


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