Monday, July 1, 2013

Over the Weekend

^ New succulents! They are so beautiful. I am smitten and maybe a little more than obsessed. The orange one is Rebecca's and the pink one is mine. Rebecca is going to take this one and a few of my green ones to school with her. ^
^ More succulents and cacti! My friend Cait was going to kill these so she gave them to me instead, haha. My mom will most likely keep these here at home (I mean really, where will I even have room for all of these cacti) ^
^ Pottery from last weekend! The grey-polka-dot apple is mine. Weird, I know. Wuteva ^

^ Precious ^

This weekend was pretty nice. On Saturday Rebecca went out to find some things to decorate her dorm. We ended up with some string lights and some pretty succulents (we got a new green one, too). Guys, cactuses are the best. I know the plural form is "cacti" but for some reason I love saying "cactuses" so just go with it. Anyway, they are so pretty and so hard to kill so they're just all around ideal. I love them and can't wait to repot them to take to school with me! And now Bec will have some too!

Saturday night I got to spend more time with my ladies, Cait and Brittany. We watched a movie (well, Cait fell asleep, but who can blame her really) and had some wine. In the morning we had breakfast together and ran over to mall for a few minutes. And it was just so pleasant. I wish I could bring Cait and Brittany with me wherever I move because I love them so much (but we missed you, as always, Rachel, if you're reading this).

On Sunday, I got to hang out with Jonathan again. We did nothing all day except watch movies and eat which was kind of amazing. 

Today I went back to camp for my last week. Tomorrow is a field trip day, then an overnight, then another full day of camp. Just thinking about it makes me exhausted...but the end is near!

Also today, I went to a neurologist about these damn headaches. More testing in my future. I'm a professional test subject. 

Speaking of headaches...I had one that wouldn't go away tonight so I caved and took some of the Oxycodon that the hospital prescribed and WHOA. This stuff. It is no joke. I maaaybe like it to much.

P.S. I just had to add this photo in here...I am missing this guy more than anything. And isn't this photo just perfect? The background almost looks fake. Ha!
Alright, sorry, I'm done now. Have a great week!


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