Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Instagrammed Life: Euro Trip

Well, hi.

I'm back! After two weeks in Europe, I'm home, well kind of, I'm in Gainesville to see a friend while my sister has orientation, but that's for another day.

Guys, I'm so tired. But I had THE best two weeks. Here are some photos from Instagram.
Let's stop and talk about Belgium for a hot second. This way however many posts full of photos that follow won't also burden you with words.

First, Belgium is beautiful. Seriously. The buildings, ohhh the buildings, I want to live in every single one of them. Did I take enough photos of the buildings? Have I told you that I love them? Because I soooo do.

Second, playing clarinet is really fun. Sometimes I lose sight of why I even keep playing and studying this stupid thing that makes me so frustrated, but this week made me remember why. Which was truly amazing, considering how much I was struggling with, like, everything this summer. We were pretty much playing all day for six of the seven days we were there, in lessons and ensemble rehearsals and private practice time. The teachers that were there were am-ya-zing. And I must say, not to toot my own horn, pun intended, but I was totally on it last week. Loved it, loved them, can I go back and do it all over again now please and thank you.
And then, there was Paris. PARIS, I LOVE YOU.

There is so much history in Paris. History and MORE BEAUTIFUL BUILDINGS. Remember how I love buildings? Paris is architectural mecca, to me anyway.

I squeezed in so much stuff in the six days I was in Paris. I went to five (maybe more?) museums. I went to four (maybe more?) old churches, including Notre Dame, Saint Chappelle, and Le Sacre Couer. I walked forever. I mastered the Metro (without speaking any French!) and ate a croissant with jam every. single. day. It was hot, there was very little air conditioning or wifi to be found, and yeah, I don't speak any French. But it was such an amazing trip and opportunity.

I owe it all to Monique, who will never see this because I'm not sure she knows how to use a computer because she has no use for it, who is beautiful and kind and a wonderful sight seeing companion. She's family. She took me around her city like it was her job and I'm so grateful.

And to my mom and dad, because obviously without them I wouldn't have been able to go at all because I am poor as dirt. THANK YOU.

Guys, I'm so tired. I have a million photos to pick out and edit for you so get excited for that I guess? If you're not excited then just avoid this page for like a month? I don't know, it could take me forever to get through. But I think most of the photos will turn out nicely so I can't wait. It's like reliving the trip!

I already miss traveling, but it's nice to be home with a working phone ;)


  1. Welcome home! Your trip already looks amazing; I cannot WAIT for more pictures :)


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