Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day

So, July 4th. You started raining as soon as we left the house! Darn you!

We went downtown to the Tampa History Museum. Free admission! It took us like 45 minutes to walk through but it was really cool.
 ^ Seminoles! I had to, sorry ^
 ^ These are the "hanging Chads" that led to Bush's election in 2000. Too funny. ^
 ^ The second floor was really hands on... ^
^ These photos from the '20s were so crisp and beautiful ^
 ^ Really nice view from the balcony of the museum ^
^ The University of Tampa from the car window ^
 ^v and no July 4th is complete without sparklers v^
Despite the rain, we had a fun and relaxing day. We planned to stay downtown for fireworks but there was thunder and we watched them on TV, at home, with apple pie and ice cream :)

Every 4th of July, my Mom insists upon reading us the entire Declaration of Independence. It's a tradition, and now it's even kind of a running joke, haha. (And I love it even though I always protest). After all, that's really what this day is all about. We take a lot for granted everyday and each year when my Mom reads the Declaration to us, for a moment (at the very least) I feel very grounded in the rich history of our country. It's nice (thanks, Momma).

See last 4th of July HERE! Wish it had been that sunny today, ha!

Hope your 4th of July was great.


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