Sunday, July 28, 2013

Euro Trip: Belgium, Part I

This is Belgium, from the plane. I got so excited when I could finally see land that I couldn't resist taking out my camera. I was worried about the flight there (in the past long flights have been a problem for me), but it was mostly okay minus the fact that I didn't sleep nearly as much as I needed to.
We landed in Brussels and then took a train to Oostende. Unfortunately, we didn't really get to explore Brussels because we only had one day "off," and we chose to go to Bruges (but that's for another post).
Oostende is kind of magical? I don't know I just feel like if I could have a "spirit city" it would be Oostende. It was chilly and just all around beautiful.
We each were assigned a room in this really old building that had been turned into an elementary school. So this was my practice room. I mean really, if all classrooms looked like this I'd probably enjoy going to school, wouldn't you? Not to mention the upstairs had two (TWO!) couches.
 ^ Hi, host mom! These are the dunes near their house. ^
 ^ The conservatory where we studied and practiced each day ^
 ^ The North Sea ^
If I spoke Flemish, I'd move to Oostende in a heart beat.

Also, I was probably an architect in a past life because oh my gosh do I love taking photos of buildings, even if they all start looking the same. These buildings have so much character compared to those at home or at school (although I'll admit that Florida State's campus is very pretty on a nice day)! I guess I have a problem, so sorry for so many photos of buildings but also not sorry because JUST LOOK AT THEM!

Also, waffles.


  1. Hi Lady! I've just been catching up on your blog and HOLY WOW your trip looks like it was amazeballs. That waffle. I'm dying. So glad you're still sharing! :)


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