Monday, June 3, 2013

Things, That Are Happening, Right Now

I invested in some succulents! My sister and I were kind of bored the other day, so we went out to Ikea to walk around. Ikea has succulents and small cacti. I loved Ikea before but now I love Ikea. For $16 I got these five beautiful little "suckies," as my friend Cait calls them (thanks, Cait, I can't stop calling them that in my head...)
In other news...yesterday was a normal day gone completely awry...Mom, Grandma, and I went shopping (I acquired some white jean shorts that I'm pretty excited about) and when we got home, I had a headache. So I took a nap, with Roxy of course. Small tangent: Roxy has barely left my room for the past week and I freaking love it.

Anyway. I took a nap.

And woke up with an even worse headache. Not cool.
I took some Tylenol. It did not help, and I ended up throwing it up. So, I thought I'd be better, that I had gotten it out of my system. Oh, no no no. My body was not letting me off that easily. I threw up again, my head felt like it was being stabbed, and I started crying hysterically from the pain and the nausea that would not go away...long story short, we ended up in the emergency room (I threw up on the way there, too, yay).

I'm a pro with hospitals, but I'd never been to the emergency room. They gave me some very nice drugs for nausea and pain (through an IV, I definitely could not ingest anything), took a CT scan, gave me some more drugs when the firsts did not work enough, and sent me home about 2 hours later nice and drowsy. Overall, considering the situation, it was a pleasant hospital experience.

Today, I have been feeling much better. I've eaten like normal and not felt poorly. My headache recently returned, but last night they also sent me home with a prescription for some pain meds stronger than Tylenol, so I should be fine.

It was scary, I can't lie. Migraines are kind of the worst thing ever, and I've had a lot of medical problems. But I'm hoping it's all behind me.

Now that that's out of the last bit of happy news...we're going to Savannah on Saturday for Abby & Rae's graduation party! I haven't been to Savannah since high school...I love that city. And I love that Collins family. I'm so very excited.

Hope you all have a lovely week. More graduation posts to come soon!


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