Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer in Savannah, Part II

 The point of our visit to Savannah, aside from seeing one of our favorite families, was to be there for Abby & Rae's graduation party. It was, to say the least, the hippest little backyard party I've ever been to.

Pretty sure Miss Michele was a party planner in another life?

I may have taken my mason jar and some pretty paper for bunting home with me. And I may have fallen in love with hydrangeas.
 ^ photo booth and props (the writing is my doing, just sayin') ^
 ^ Abby & Rae, first day of school, K-12th grades ^
 ^ I just noticed that the "2" is flipped up, ha! ^
 ^ a ridiculous amount of food ^
^ most beautiful mommas ^
 ^ this precious blonde child, the son of their soccer coach ^
^ love. ^

It was so fun, even though I only knew a handful of people, ha! I miss the simple southern beauty of Savannah so very much, although we get that heat here in Tampa, too...

Good luck with school, Collins ladies! I'm sure we'll see you all soon. I love you and am so happy and proud to know you.


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