Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer in Savannah, Part I

Savannah is like, hipster Mecca. I freaking love it. The town is adorable, there are a ton of cool shops, the food is crazy good, the houses are UNREAL...oh & that Collins Family isn't too bad either ;)
 ^ the most magical, secret-garden-like coffee shop ^
(I mean really, mason jars for drinks? get outta here)
 ^ my favorite store, the Savannah Bee Company (yum) ^
 ^ and another goodie, The Paris Market ^
 ^ street rats ^
 ^ Libby, the best dog in the world as far as I'm concerned ^
(the poor lady is getting old and spends most of her time laying adorably in this fashion)
^ scenes from a beach day ^

It's been a ton of fun (and a ton of food) so far. Tomorrow is Abby & Rae's graduation party, aka the reason for the season, and it'll be so fun and adorable! The moms have baked, I think, about one million cookies. Not complaining. Crossing our fingers it doesn't rain!...


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