Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Slices of Life // #ihatecamp

 A few shots from the past week and a half, all from my iPhone.

I started working at a local day camp for the three weeks until I go to Europe. Without going into too much detail...it's not great. I like my kids for the most part, but they're often difficult to deal with because they are 6th, 7th AND 8th graders. ***Worst ages ever?*** And I'll just leave it out there that I'm getting paid quite a bit less than minimum wage to deal with these guys. 

On top of all the other crap going on in my head and body, it's just not pretty and I had a really really bad few days last week.

But now I think I'm dealing pretty well and just hoping it will be over soon and then I will be off to Europe! I'm not even remotely prepared for that business yet...but I will be!

In other news, I had a fun weekend with friends that started off with drinks and dinner with my Dad, which I'm mentioning because it was kind of strange drinking, a) with dinner and b) with Dad. Oh to be 21. Ha!

Happy Hump Day!

P.S. if you have any home or natural remedies for migraines and/or dry skin (my face is reacting poorly to sunscreen?) I'd really appreciate anything at this point.


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