Monday, June 24, 2013

Leah, Here's Your Blog Post!

My best friend from Birthright came all the way from Kansas to spend about a week with me! Let me just tell you right now, Leah and I were probably separated at birth. And even though things were weird because I had to start work while she was here, I'm so glad she could come hang out for a bit. 

Weirdly, her trip coincided with the date on which we left for Birthright last year. It was funny and kind of awesome to be together on the one year anniversary of the event that "brought us together". Some cheesy crap like that.

On my one day off, we went to the Tarpon Springs sponge docks and just walked around sweating our brains out, perusing the bins of sponges, and eating some Greek food. It was kind of a cloudy day but it was good times.
 Seriously, Leah, I'm so glad you came and I miss you being in my house already.
I'll just leave this one here.


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