Thursday, May 23, 2013

Things, That Are Happening, Right Now

I just felt like checking in, here on my little blog. Not a ton of interesting things have been happening, but that's okay because you know, it's summer. And summer is boring. 

I started reading The DaVinci Code, after watching the movie with John before he left for Nebraska. I knew the book would be better (books are nearly always better), so when I saw it sitting in a pile at home, I plucked it out to read. So far, so good. The movie is surprisingly similar to the book!

Update on John: he's loving Nebraska. I knew he would ;) He says it's still cold there. He's hiking a lot. They haven't started rehearsing a ton but I know he loves playing in musicals. So he's basically in heaven. And I'm so jealous! I mean just look at this view. (Sorry for using your photo, babe!) I'm just so very proud/excited/happy for him.

Last night we went to Rebecca's last high school award ceremony. Man, those things are long and boring. But Bec looked beautiful and we are always so proud of her. I can't believe she's graduating, what the what?!

Tonight begins the weekend's fun mom and I are going to see Steve Martin and Edie Brickell perform! I'm not super into blue grass but I've heard very good things about them and I'm really excited. Girl's night for my Momma and me.
Photos via: 1 & 2

Tomorrow night, we're going to music in the park at Lowry Park Zoo (weren't we just there?) and then our best family friends are coming in town (hopefully tomorrow night, actually) for Rebecca's graduation party on Sunday! They were last here for her birthday party, so we can't wait to see them again. I can only imagine how many photos I'll be taking this weekend...especially because some of my friends will be coming to Sunday's party, too :)

I love when friends come to visit. And I've missed my high school besties so much.

Oh yeah, and I'm turning 21 next week.

Expect more blogging next week, when I'll have so many fun things to share, finally!


  1. How was Steve Martin and Edi Brickell? Two of my favorites!

    1. So good! Though admittedly I enjoyed the part of the show with just Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers a little bit more...


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