Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day

Mom and I spent Memorial Day at the beach with my best friends (minus Rachel, who just got home from LA). We had mimosas (early birthday celebration?), swam, and relaxed. It was so hot and crowded but soo fun. And in the evening, we went to see The Great Gatsby (so good!!)

When we got home from the beach in the afternoon though, I was sitting on the patio and I noticed that my next door neighbors were outside playing in their backyard with their dad...their dad, who has been to Afghanistan twice, has three kids, and is the nicest guy. And I realized how proud I am to know him and proud to have our country represented and protected by him. That's really what yesterday was all about, right?

Graduation festivities for Rebecca begin tomorrow...on my 21st birthday! Excited to spend the morning with my friends and the evening with my family.


  1. The beach looks like the best! I've been going so frequently nowadays :) And your neighbor sounds awesome; that is the ultimate sacrifice.


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