Monday, April 22, 2013

Things, That Are Happening, Right Now

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Guys. Guuuuuys. I got the best news today. Actually let's just call it the icing on the sweetest cake in the world. So. I am going to Europe this summer!!!! I'll be in Ostend, Belgium for a week as part of the Belgian Clarinet Academy. Nothing fancy, except that it's in freaking BELGIUM and that I'll be studying with my teacher's (Dr. Bish's) teacher (Dr. Robert Spring). Kind of a big deal because, from what I hear, he's awesome. And it must be at least a little bit true because Dr. Bish is amazing. And then I will have studied with both of her collegiate teachers! (the other being Dr. Kowalsky)
Anyway. The icing on the cake is this: after spending a week playing clarinet in Belgium, I am going to Paris for three days!!!! We're still ironing out the kinks on that one, but it's happening. Most likely I'll be staying with a family member and doing touristy things for the three days I'm there. 
Is this not terribly exciting?! 
I'll answer my own question:
I feel like the absolute luckiest person on the planet to have these opportunities.

Hope your weeks are off to a pleasant start!


  1. that's soo exciting!!!
    p.s. lovely blog :)

  2. OH MY GOSH!!! i am so so jealous! what a wonderful trip!! belgium, i hear, is absolutely stunning! take lots and lots of pictures girls because i want to live vicariously through you!

  3. Oh my goodness, jubilation!! This is extremely exciting! :D My cousin's currently in Europe and got to see a lot of cool sights. You're going to love it!


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