Friday, April 26, 2013

Slices of Life + Happy Friday

Last Symphonic Band concert (hopefully ever, for me) with Sophie, the sweetest girl I know, 
aaaaaand the big exciting news: one of my roommates for next year got a puppy! He named her Djanga, the female version of Django, as in "Django Unchained." She's a heartbreaker, I'll tell ya that. Her lil face just makes me melt. The closest I've ever come to living with a dog is when we pup sat over the summer, but that was only for a weekend and now I'll be living with a dog, come August! What is happening, life?! So sorry (not sorry, actually, not sorry at all) for the puppy spam, today and in the future.
Hope you all have a peaceful weekend.


  1. GAH! That puppy is so cute. I really wish I had a dog! :)

  2. that sweet little face! I want a puppy, but just to borrow for a day :)

  3. Djanga! WHat a cute name for suuuch an adorable puppy. love those puppy eyes!


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