Monday, April 1, 2013

Our Weekend

 The only photo of us from his recital day. I didn't even get one of him and his family because I am the worst.
Performing this awesomeness. (go watch that video now!!!)
Posing for the paparazzi (Chris' sister and me)
 Dr. Parks & Melinda (their teachers), John & Chris (the stars), Cynthia Yeh, and Jake Nissly (the guests). The guests were in the studio for most of the week giving master classes and such; I went to Cynthia Yeh's master class and it was AMAZING, even for a non-percussionist. They are some seriously talented musicians.
 The after-party: nerf darts all over the apartment.
Easter dinner courtesy of Allison and her amazing mother! It was so yummy (although I didn't eat the ham or the rolls--it's still Passover, and I don't eat pork).
Walking Dead season finale (it was pretty awesome), post-Easter dinner.

I couldn't be more proud of John (and Chris, too) for their recital on Saturday evening. John wrote a marimba piece with tape accompaniment for the recital and it was crazy awesome. All of their playing was, really. 
I could not stop smiling.

This weekend was too short and today was too long. I'm already really looking forward to this weekend...Target trips and musicals and hopefully some swimming!...


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