Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy Friday!

I'm getting over a cold. That's why I haven't had anything to say here. All we've been doing is sitting around (in our free time, which is admittedly limited) and watching TV (we're into Sherlock now). But the other night, after I spent all day sick in bed, I finally had enough strength to get up and go see Spring Awakening again. It was even better the second time, I mean I thought it couldn't get any better but boy was I wrong. Ugh, the talent! Anyway, it was amazing. So was the set (but maybe you can't tell from my crappy photo). I haven't been using my nice camera because my professor has my memory card...hoping to get that back soon though because spring break is rapidly approaching and Rebecca and I are going to NYC!!!! And even though my recital is right after the trip, we are so excited.

I'm off to start a weekend full of master classes and recitals. Happy Friday!


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