Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Self-Indulgent Post About My Junior Recital

My poster, hanging in the College of Music.
Pre-recital, watching my *fantastic* pianist warm up.
...with my amazing teachers, Dr. Bish and Dr. Kowalsky, and my parents...
...and my trio-mates, Christina and Spencer.
Beautiful flowers from my parents. 

This recital...I am so proud of how this recital turned out.
I started out shaky but as I got used to nerves it got better and better and overall I'm just really proud of myself for even doing it. It was hard, it was a lot of work, it was a lot of stress, it was exhausting, but I DID IT! Biggest, hugest, warmest thanks to Spencer and Christina for playing that kind of weird trio with me, to my pianist, Katharine, who will never read this blog post, to my parents who might, and to Dr. Bish and Dr. Kowalsky who are two of the most amazing human beings that I have the pleasure to know and work with.

The past two or three weeks were (I think) (hopefully) the worst of the semester. I am dangerously close to being almost kind of stress-free...
I have more photos of New York still to come. And a post about how I made a Passover dinner for my non-Jewish friends (matzoh balls, people). They'll happen when I have free time, sooo...soon I hope.


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