Sunday, March 31, 2013

New York City Spring Break, Part III: The MoMA

One of the things that I loved about the museums in NYC was that you could take photos! So, naturally, I have about a million photos that only I care about. I picked out some of my favorite photos from our day at the Museum of Modern Art to document here.
 This was a video of an elephant playing dead and then struggling to get back to it's feet. Absolutely fantastic.
I LOVED the MoMA. My favorite sections were the sections of paintings. I have a thing for Andy Warhol and the like. I also loved the photography section. There were so many great series from the early 20th makes you think, those people in the photos were alive and kicking at some point in history and they've been preserved here, in this museum, for us to see. It's kind of mind boggling, no?

Also: the MoMA has the raddest gift shop. I picked up a bunch of postcards of some famous paintings that I loved, to hang up on my wall next year (I'm not hanging them up in this apartment since I'll be moving out soon *sad face*) but there were so many awesome things to buy there, things that weren't even related to art (ha!). We spent nearly 4 hours in the museum and still didn't see everything, so it's kind of overwhelming, but absolutely worth it. I highly recommend. 
It will definitely get your mind churning...
You can see parts 1 and 2, here and here.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Self-Indulgent Post About My Junior Recital

My poster, hanging in the College of Music.
Pre-recital, watching my *fantastic* pianist warm up.
...with my amazing teachers, Dr. Bish and Dr. Kowalsky, and my parents...
...and my trio-mates, Christina and Spencer.
Beautiful flowers from my parents. 

This recital...I am so proud of how this recital turned out.
I started out shaky but as I got used to nerves it got better and better and overall I'm just really proud of myself for even doing it. It was hard, it was a lot of work, it was a lot of stress, it was exhausting, but I DID IT! Biggest, hugest, warmest thanks to Spencer and Christina for playing that kind of weird trio with me, to my pianist, Katharine, who will never read this blog post, to my parents who might, and to Dr. Bish and Dr. Kowalsky who are two of the most amazing human beings that I have the pleasure to know and work with.

The past two or three weeks were (I think) (hopefully) the worst of the semester. I am dangerously close to being almost kind of stress-free...
I have more photos of New York still to come. And a post about how I made a Passover dinner for my non-Jewish friends (matzoh balls, people). They'll happen when I have free time, sooo...soon I hope.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

New York City Spring Break, Part II

Day two involved: waking up at the crack of dawn to get standby tickets for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon just to later not get into the show (naturally, I was distraught), eating some seriously delicious bagels, going to the American Museum of Natural History (which was AMAZING), walking for what felt like forever, a ton of subway rides (we are now subway pros, people were even asking us for directions...), eating at the world famous Carnegie Deli where we stupidly ordered two sandwiches (I say stupidly because one sandwich could feed a family of 4), and ending the night with the most delicious New York cheesecake.

It was exhausting and definitely had it's ups and downs but Tuesday was so fun, despite the dreary weather.  It rained all day, but the museum was the perfect escape from that. I was really really bummed that we didn't get into the taping of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, especially because Justin Timberlake was the musical guest (he was actually on the show every night last week), so next time we'll just have to plan ahead better. 

Today marked the beginning of the most stressful week of my semester. My recital jury is tomorrow afternoon, my dress rehearsal is Wednesday, and my recital is on Saturday. I'm supposed to register for Fall 2013 classes tomorrow and can't (which is terrible and just the cherry on top of the stress) and I'm so stinking nervous for this's to hoping I can make it all happen!...
More photos from New York to come later this week or this weekend; see part I of spring break in NYC here.
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