Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Yes, we were wearing matching sweaters from Old Navy. Hence my face, people!

 I always feel a little homesick once classes start anew. I can't explain it but it happens nearly every semester. Maybe it has something to do with suddenly being in charge of yourself again after finally becoming comfortable with living in your mom's house over break...but just maybe. Either way, I've got to tell you, it's really not much fun. I find the first week of classes to be both my most and least favorite week of classes. Since we don't really start much work, I tend to have very little to do leaving me with very little motivation to do anything at all. And while having a lot of free time can be really nice, if you add to that the small bout of homesickness that tends to come at this time you've got yourself a nice recipe for the blues. That's what I have today. 
And my stomach hurts. Hooray!

Also, today I ordered my first pair of glasses. I did the home try-on situation at Warby Parker and found a pair I like! (these) I don't think this photo does them least I sure hope I don't look that nerdy. They will be on my doorstep in about 2 weeks, or so I'm hoping. Crossing my fingers for sooner. 
Until then, I'll continue squinting at my music and the power points in class.
I'm tired.


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