Friday, January 4, 2013

New Years Eve/New Years Day

 This isn't actually from New Years...but it's good! Watching a mini light show in Juno Beach before we left.
New Years Eve at John's old percussion teachers house, and sparklers back at his house!
New Years Day we drove back to my house. We like each other. Then my goofy best friends from high school came over.
 We bonfired and made s'mores!
They are my favorites. Love them. And yes I live with the chick on the left. Hey Rachel.

New Year's was awesome. Like, really awesome! Being at John's old percussion teacher's party was actually really really fun (we were the youngest adults there, haha, and it still ruled) and then we watched the ball drop in Times Square on TV with John's family. On New Year's Day we made the 4 hour trek back to my family and my best friends from high school came over to make s'mores. Even when we don't keep in touch well (I'm kind of the worst) it seems like nothing has changed since high school when we get together. And that sounds cheesy but it's stupid true. They are the best girl friends in the world. Cait, Britt, Rachel...sorry for some of these photos but you should have seen the ones I didn't put. Actually you did see the ones I didn't put...haha ;) Anyway, the first day of 2013 ruled because I spent it with the people that I love most, and I hope you all did the same.



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