Sunday, January 6, 2013

Instagrammed Life

Road trip part I,
the perfect gift from John, my NYE attire,
playing Apples to Apples,
flying kites, road trip part II,

It might be getting a little slow around here. Either that, or more structured. Hard to say yet, haha.
Classes start for the Spring semester tomorrow and I'm a mixture of excited and scared. That's normal, right? 
It feels weird to be halfway done with my 3rd year of my undergrad. It feels weird to be preparing for my 1st solo recital, and it feels weird being so close to having to start grad school applications :p But despite all the weird feelings rumbling 'round my head, I've got to say that I'm always a little bit happy to go back to school and get back to work. I do my best on a stricter schedule, and that's just what school provides. So, cheers to a great Spring semester friends! And a great end of Winter to those lucky non-student types out there ;)



  1. Wake up happy to know that I am finally a non student, but then remember I'm now a grown up with a toddler who is getting into some sort of trouble while I lie here in bed.. and I jump out. :) Enjoy the road trip.

  2. your polka-dotted peplum top is really cute!

  3. Those shoes are absolutely adorable! Instagram is the best! Loving these pictures :)
    xo TJ


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