Saturday, January 26, 2013

Adventures in Cooking

I'm getting better about cooking. I made myself dinner three nights in a row this week! (A feat, because usually I get home from rehearsal famished and just make something easy rather than something healthy.) An easy and delicious dinner is rice pilaf with toasted almonds and chicken.

What you'll need: 
Rice Pilaf, original (I used the brand "Middle East," I think...)
Slivered almonds
Chicken tenderloins (or any kind of non-breaded chicken)

Start the rice. It takes the longest (about 25mins) so plan the rest of the cooking accordingly.
Toast the almonds. It doesn't take long, so keep an eye on them (I'm serious) or they'll burn.
Grill the chicken. My George Foreman grill (which I usually use) is at John's and we were cooking at my apartment, so we used a saucepan and it worked out perfectly. We like chicken on the blacker side of the spectrum, as you can see.
Combine the rice, the almonds, and the chicken in one pot, once the rice is done.
Add teriyaki sauce to taste. We used soy sauce (accidentally) and it was still really good, just a tad salty. My mom usually uses teriyaki sauce so I can tell you, it's delicious.



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