Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DPS: Week 3

This week's assignment was "color contrast".
Not that original or clearly defined, I know, but it's what I had laying around.
You can see weeks 1 & 2 here.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Valentine's Loot!

This has not been a good day. 
I had to wake up really early after a rough weekend with not enough sleep and I got sick in the middle of the day and had to go home, just to find that my medication had not been dropped off by FedEx (I got it eventually, no worries). I spent the late afternoon watching movies and trying to make myself eat.

And then!...I got a package. A package that my Momma sent back with our neighbor. A Valentine's package. It's not technically February yet but it's so close and it was so exciting to open that pink bag and find what I found. She knitted me an infinity scarf and a head band! (to keep my ears warm) (is there a name for those? probably and I don't know it...) Along with some other goodies. It seriously brightened my day. Momma, if you are reading this, you are the greatest and I love you to the moon and back and all the stars in the sky.

Happy Monday.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Adventures in Cooking

I'm getting better about cooking. I made myself dinner three nights in a row this week! (A feat, because usually I get home from rehearsal famished and just make something easy rather than something healthy.) An easy and delicious dinner is rice pilaf with toasted almonds and chicken.

What you'll need: 
Rice Pilaf, original (I used the brand "Middle East," I think...)
Slivered almonds
Chicken tenderloins (or any kind of non-breaded chicken)

Start the rice. It takes the longest (about 25mins) so plan the rest of the cooking accordingly.
Toast the almonds. It doesn't take long, so keep an eye on them (I'm serious) or they'll burn.
Grill the chicken. My George Foreman grill (which I usually use) is at John's and we were cooking at my apartment, so we used a saucepan and it worked out perfectly. We like chicken on the blacker side of the spectrum, as you can see.
Combine the rice, the almonds, and the chicken in one pot, once the rice is done.
Add teriyaki sauce to taste. We used soy sauce (accidentally) and it was still really good, just a tad salty. My mom usually uses teriyaki sauce so I can tell you, it's delicious.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

This is My 100th Blog Post

This blog is really fun to do. I've started caring less about what others think about it and more about what I want to do with it, and that makes it really fun. A few years from now I'll look back at these posts and (hopefully) smile, and that's a really happy thought. For those of you who have visited my blog more than a few times, thanks for sticking with me. From my camera and me, there's a lot more to come :)


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DPS: Week 2

This week's assignment was "Contrast."
When we went to Maclay Gardens this past weekend, we found this picture perfect pink flower. On top of this dusty, vintage green table, I think the crisp perfection of the flower makes a lovely contrast. 
Then we saw these steps leading up to the Maclay House, and I think the foliage against the brick is both interesting and beautiful.
Feel free to leave thoughts and/or comments.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Our Weekend

This was one of those weekends when we did a lot and I actually used my camera! It doesn't happen often but when it does it's kind of an overkill. So sorry about the mass amount of photos but I couldn't help myself. 
I'm "making memories," okay?
On Saturday morning we went to the dress rehearsal for the Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra and had some donuts (Snickers for her, apple fritter for him).
 At night we went out for dinner with friends. 
Sushi is extremely photogenic, isn't it?
Then we ate cake that Logan made and played Apples to Apples.
 ...and her cat sat in a box that is much too small for him.
That right there is a genuine, mid-laugh smile! I could kiss that face all day, for real.
But the best part of it all was having Leah there with us! Leah, come to town even more than you already do. We like you.

On Sunday we just hung out at home, doing homework and practicing, and today (Monday) we went to Maclay Gardens.
I have a thing for photographing flowers so bear with me.
Peas in a pod, these two, I swear.
It was like The Secret Garden. (and there even was a secret garden!)
That sign says "Do Not Enter" but we did anyway and this ^^ happened when I saw someone in the back and we hightailed it out of there.
I have the most beautiful friends.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

9 Reasons I Dig my Boyfriend

These faces. The middle is my fav, what a stud!
All different exposures/shutter speeds because I was playing with my camera and John was my subject.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

DPS: Week 1

When we were in Juno Beach, John's Dad showed me this online site called Digital Photography School. They have several forums where you can post questions, photos you've taken, respond to others, or just look at photography tips. I signed up for a weekly assignment forum. Each week they'll send me an email with links to the forums for the assignment of the week. I'm not even sure yet that I'm reading the emails correctly or that I signed up for the right forum but I'm just going to jump in with both feet. I personally don't care much for posting the photos that I take online for strangers to critique, but I think it will be fun to do in my spare time, purely for myself. It'll be a good way for me to get better at photography, get better at using my camera, and get John & I out of our apartments over the weekend. And I'll be archiving my weekly assignments here, unedited and all taken on manual mode (unless otherwise stated)!

This week's assignment was "Your New Year's Resolution."
One of mine is to read more.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Yes, we were wearing matching sweaters from Old Navy. Hence my face, people!

 I always feel a little homesick once classes start anew. I can't explain it but it happens nearly every semester. Maybe it has something to do with suddenly being in charge of yourself again after finally becoming comfortable with living in your mom's house over break...but just maybe. Either way, I've got to tell you, it's really not much fun. I find the first week of classes to be both my most and least favorite week of classes. Since we don't really start much work, I tend to have very little to do leaving me with very little motivation to do anything at all. And while having a lot of free time can be really nice, if you add to that the small bout of homesickness that tends to come at this time you've got yourself a nice recipe for the blues. That's what I have today. 
And my stomach hurts. Hooray!

Also, today I ordered my first pair of glasses. I did the home try-on situation at Warby Parker and found a pair I like! (these) I don't think this photo does them least I sure hope I don't look that nerdy. They will be on my doorstep in about 2 weeks, or so I'm hoping. Crossing my fingers for sooner. 
Until then, I'll continue squinting at my music and the power points in class.
I'm tired.
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