Monday, December 31, 2012

We Loved You, 2012...

2012, you'll never be repeated. You were a great year and we'll miss you, but we can't wait for what's in store for 2013 (can you?)

Highlights from 2012...

- I started this blog! It has been so much fun to do whether anyone reads it or not and I really love it. Can't wait to keep it going next year.
- I went to Israel. A seriously life changing experience and I miss it everyday, not gonna lie. There's no place quite like it.
- John and I went to Juno Beach, me for the first time, over the summer. 
- I moved into my new apartment.
- I started cooking more!
- Rebecca came to visit and I had her to myself for a whole long weekend! (She stayed even longer right before Thanksgiving though)
- John and I celebrated our first full year of dating.
- Rebecca had her senior homecoming, which I was (thankfully) home for!
- We celebrated several birthdays of both friends and family.
- I did a couple DIYs. It's a learning process!
- I felt extra grateful and lucky for all of the amazing people in my life this Thanksgiving.
- I got a new camera!!! It's already been such an adventure, learning how to take good quality photographs. I can't wait to see what's in store with it next. Recital photos, anyone? ;)
- And then we celebrated Hanukkah AND Christmas! The best holiday season yet, if you ask me!
Some resolutions for 2013...

- Cook even more.
- Spend more time exercising and more time outdoors.
- Go on more cheap dates with John.
- Take more photos and learn more about my camera.
- Read more.
- Practice more.
- Pick out perfect birthday gifts for my friends this year; this is the year most of us turn 21 :)
- See my little sister graduate high school, and begin my grad school applications....early. Like way early.
- Do well on my junior (and then senior) recital...I'm nervous already!

I'm excited to get to work on making these resolutions reality. Happy New Year everyone!


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