Thursday, December 13, 2012

Slices of Life

My new favorite,
my make-shift menorah at John's,
my love playing video games while I studied...all day...
and what I wore on a dreary day.

Yesterday was a good day that went totally awry.
I took my last two finals, got some good news, was all prepared to go on a real date with John, and then... I lost my phone. I thought it was stolen. It had fallen out of my pocket when I was having some blood drawn and I looked everywhere for it, I mean everywhere, but I couldn't find it and figured someone had picked it up and walked away with it. It was upsetting, mostly because I don't like losing things, and I especially don't like losing important things. Anyway, it was found and returned to me this morning! Happy day! I'm feeling very lucky to not have to buy a new phone right about now (although I can't deny that it'd be nice to have a brand spankin' new iPhone 5...) ;)

Tomorrow Rachel & I are going home for winter break and it will be oh so nice to not have to worry about classes for a few weeks, even if there are other things that will be worried about.


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