Friday, December 21, 2012

Slices of Life + Happy Friday!

Watching TV with my Papa before he left,
kitty cuddles post-surgery,
Momma cuddles post-surgery (she fell asleep on my lap watching TV),
and the new jacket that my Momma surprised me with post-surgery! (don't worry, it was on sale.)

Surgery was a success and has so far been an easy recovery! I'm a little itchy around the scar, really tired, and a tad bit sore but otherwise I'm great. Aaaand, the source of the problem turned out to be benign which was extremely relieving to hear even if we thought it would be all along. I'm glad that I can now put this problem behind me! 

As I sit here typing I am procrastinating finishing up my packing to go to John's for Christmas! I'm really excited to go back to Juno Beach. Last time we went was kind of perfect and I really love his family. You can see more about our trip there over the summer here, here, and here

It's just a shame that I won't get to spend Christmas eating Chinese food and seeing a movie ;)
Happy weekend, all!


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