Wednesday, December 26, 2012


 This was my "first" Christmas. I mean, I've been a participant in other Christmases (shout out to the Geagans!), but this was my first Christmas with a family that is not Jewish whatsoever (haha!) and I gotta say, it ruled. I didn't take many photos, barely any at all, but sometimes that's a good idea. Like on your first Christmas, ahem. We slept until a normal hour because John's dad had worked late (or early, I should say) and because there are no young children in this house to wake anyone up at the crack of dawn. I suppose that is something that I just plain missed out on, the waking up before daylight, though I don't think I regret missing it much ;) Family and friends came and went and late in the afternoon we went for a walk to the beach. Florida Christmas, anyone?
John's family was entirely TOO generous with me. Really, it was both ridiculous and awesome.
That being said, I can not WAIT to try out the new tripod and read the photography book that they gave me!! 
Christmas 2012 was kind of magical for me. Hope yours was too.



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