Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Hair DIY: Maiden Twists

 Hello! I have been gone a while, I know. Tests, papers, concerts...last week was a doozy. And for this reason, I don't even have a weekend post because I took zero photos all weekend. Talk about boring! (jk, it was nice.) 

Anyway here I was, last night, bored and procrastinating, so I decided to try out this hairstyle that I originally saw here. This lady, in the photo, she has lovely, long, mostly-straight hair. I do not! Sure, it's long. But my hair is THICK. And curly! And layered! So this hairstyle...not as easy for me as she says it is here in her faq's. I had to do a combination of this and this with a pinch ingenuity in order for it to work for me and my--let's say luscious--hair. Now I shall share with you, in case none of the previously stated links work for you either!
 You will need bobby pins. I used like, 13. Yes, really. But according to your hair's thickness, you may need more or less.
Push aside the front pieces of hair and take a chunk from behind. Twist it, push the front piece behind the twist, pull it across the top of your head, and pin it down so it feels secure. But not to the point where it hurts! Then do the same with the other side. It should resemble a headband.
 Take the front pieces (that were pushed behind the first twists) and twist them too, pulling around the back of your head and then across the front (as seen below). Secure in place with bobby pins.
Pin down any bits of hair that are too stubborn to stay down, and then voila! You done!
You might notice that the first photo and last photo look totally different. I did them on different days (you can see another photo of yesterday's here), and I have a hunch that it will come out looking different every time.
Like a sweet surprise, ya know? 
It's messy, I'll give you that, but if you do it yourself it won't look perfect and I think that's kind of beautiful.

Hope you liked it! Feedback is, as always, appreciated!


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