Monday, December 31, 2012

We Loved You, 2012...

2012, you'll never be repeated. You were a great year and we'll miss you, but we can't wait for what's in store for 2013 (can you?)

Highlights from 2012...

- I started this blog! It has been so much fun to do whether anyone reads it or not and I really love it. Can't wait to keep it going next year.
- I went to Israel. A seriously life changing experience and I miss it everyday, not gonna lie. There's no place quite like it.
- John and I went to Juno Beach, me for the first time, over the summer. 
- I moved into my new apartment.
- I started cooking more!
- Rebecca came to visit and I had her to myself for a whole long weekend! (She stayed even longer right before Thanksgiving though)
- John and I celebrated our first full year of dating.
- Rebecca had her senior homecoming, which I was (thankfully) home for!
- We celebrated several birthdays of both friends and family.
- I did a couple DIYs. It's a learning process!
- I felt extra grateful and lucky for all of the amazing people in my life this Thanksgiving.
- I got a new camera!!! It's already been such an adventure, learning how to take good quality photographs. I can't wait to see what's in store with it next. Recital photos, anyone? ;)
- And then we celebrated Hanukkah AND Christmas! The best holiday season yet, if you ask me!
Some resolutions for 2013...

- Cook even more.
- Spend more time exercising and more time outdoors.
- Go on more cheap dates with John.
- Take more photos and learn more about my camera.
- Read more.
- Practice more.
- Pick out perfect birthday gifts for my friends this year; this is the year most of us turn 21 :)
- See my little sister graduate high school, and begin my grad school applications....early. Like way early.
- Do well on my junior (and then senior) recital...I'm nervous already!

I'm excited to get to work on making these resolutions reality. Happy New Year everyone!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


 This was my "first" Christmas. I mean, I've been a participant in other Christmases (shout out to the Geagans!), but this was my first Christmas with a family that is not Jewish whatsoever (haha!) and I gotta say, it ruled. I didn't take many photos, barely any at all, but sometimes that's a good idea. Like on your first Christmas, ahem. We slept until a normal hour because John's dad had worked late (or early, I should say) and because there are no young children in this house to wake anyone up at the crack of dawn. I suppose that is something that I just plain missed out on, the waking up before daylight, though I don't think I regret missing it much ;) Family and friends came and went and late in the afternoon we went for a walk to the beach. Florida Christmas, anyone?
John's family was entirely TOO generous with me. Really, it was both ridiculous and awesome.
That being said, I can not WAIT to try out the new tripod and read the photography book that they gave me!! 
Christmas 2012 was kind of magical for me. Hope yours was too.


Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays!

What follows these words are photos of a Christmas lights spectacular unlike any I had ever seen before. It is amazing. A Winter Wonderland! Though obviously without the snow which is a key, but not completely necessary, factor. At least it was cold (ish) when we went! Feast your eyes.
 Can't explain it, but I love blurry lights.
Anyone who knows John will (hopefully) think this is's a snare drum! Hello!
Merry Christmas to those who celebrate and happy Chinese-food-and-movie-day to those who don't ;)


The Thomas School of Photography

On our first full day of "vacation," John's dad gave me a crash course in photography with my Nikon. We took a walk from their house to a small lake and the town center during which we snapped a ton of photos. I mean really, in about an hour I took over 100 photos. So basically now I'm a professional. Right? Ha, I kid. Anyway, here are some of the better ones. They give a pretty accurate depiction of how beautiful this area is, or at least I like to think so. Enjoy!
I had to, okay? Had to!
I have an awesome blog post to come tomorrow, for Christmas. Lights galore! Stay tuned.


Friday, December 21, 2012

Slices of Life + Happy Friday!

Watching TV with my Papa before he left,
kitty cuddles post-surgery,
Momma cuddles post-surgery (she fell asleep on my lap watching TV),
and the new jacket that my Momma surprised me with post-surgery! (don't worry, it was on sale.)

Surgery was a success and has so far been an easy recovery! I'm a little itchy around the scar, really tired, and a tad bit sore but otherwise I'm great. Aaaand, the source of the problem turned out to be benign which was extremely relieving to hear even if we thought it would be all along. I'm glad that I can now put this problem behind me! 

As I sit here typing I am procrastinating finishing up my packing to go to John's for Christmas! I'm really excited to go back to Juno Beach. Last time we went was kind of perfect and I really love his family. You can see more about our trip there over the summer here, here, and here

It's just a shame that I won't get to spend Christmas eating Chinese food and seeing a movie ;)
Happy weekend, all!

Monday, December 17, 2012

On Being Home

Winter break is in full swing for me, although my sister still has a week of school left, and it's been really nice not having to worry about school work or--dare I say it--practicing.
This weekend was super rough; I've been horribly sick for most of it and it's so frustrating! It seems there is no end to my physical health problem...and with that said, does anyone have any at-home remedies for nausea and/or vomiting?
Also, I will be out of commission for the next few days as I recover from a procedure that I'll be having tomorrow morning. A few months ago (well, back in August or September) my doctor found a lump in my left breast and although it's most likely benign, I wanted that thing out and tomorrow's the day. It's scary, having surgery, even for a routine procedure like this one. It's always scary. But this is life and I will deal with it.

Good thoughts are appreciated.
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