Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving, 2012

 I like Thanksgiving a lot, because I really like food and family.
Thanksgiving always leaves me feeling sick though (go figure, right?) (sarcasm, people) and this year was, sadly, no exception. That being said, it was still a fun and relaxing day. We always go to our family friend's home on their lake and their house is beautiful!
Thanksgiving could only have been better if John and I had been together. Maybe next year? ;)
Books...being Books. As usual.
The spread! (I did not eat the ham because I do not eat pork.)
The table, outside, in the perfect weather. Beautiful, no?
PB & the best apple pie in the world!
Backyard, lake, back of house with Bex and Papa. We kind of grew up here.

Hope everyone had a nice, restful holiday!


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