Friday, November 9, 2012

Slices of Life + Happy Friday

 I went to the doctor, and this guy was nice enough to miss class to take me and wait for me during the appointment!
 I got 3 beautiful new A Clarinets to try out and pick one to call my own. Color me *stoked*!
 Omar turned 21 on Thursday! Happy free-21st-birthday shot, Omar. School the next day was awesome, I know.
And finally, I am home! I got home early this evening and we went out for Rebecca's birthday dinner (she's turning 18, isn't that insane?) even though technically her birthday isn't until Wednesday. 
BUT, I won't be here on Wednesday. So we're celebrating this weekend. 
And I could not be more excited, I really couldn't. 
I love birthdays! Especially those of the people that I love most!

That being said, I'm off to spend some quality time watching Gilmore Girls with my nearly-legal-adult sister. 

Happy Friday and have a great weekend.


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