Monday, November 5, 2012

Our Weekend

Practicing in my new favorite shoes,
my love wearing my new hat on our way home Saturday night
and the massive PB & banana sandwich he made me on Sunday,
what I wore to Nicole's 21st birthday dinner (my go-to black pants),
the birthday girl blowing out some candles,
and some of my favorite females :)

It was another not-so-great weekend, but Sunday night really turned it around.
It was so much fun going out for a nice dinner to celebrate Nicole's 21st birthday!
I was so excited to go because I had to leave her birthday party the night before waaay early,
and dinner did not let me down. Suuuper fun night out with the ladies.
Maybe I'll have a photo of the whole group of us in my next post, since I didn't take one.
Nicole, I hope you had the best birthday ever!!! Love you!

In general not much has been going on so blogging has been thin, 
but I could NOT be more excited to go home this weekend!
My sister is turning 18 soon so she's having a birthday party,
and some of our favorite people are coming to visit for it :)

Happy Monday.


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