Friday, November 2, 2012

How I Wore It + Happy Friday

I didn't go trick or treating on Halloween. 
I didn't even dress up. 
Allison & I went shopping instead!

I made some "bold" purchases on Halloween. Let me just attribute that to the spirit of the holiday?
Ignore the weird colors and poor quality...
 I got this hat from Gap. It comes in multiple colors and I tried on every single one until I picked my favorite color: dark grey. Any type of grey always seems to win with me...
anyway, I had straight hair that day (and the next) so I took a photo wearing the hat with the straight hair and with my normal (larger) hair. 
Yes, it was a little pricey. But personally, I don't mind spending a little more on things that I love. I know it won't get the most use here in Tallahassee, but I can easily picture myself wearing it for that birthday trip Rebecca and I are hoping to take in the Spring... ;)
I also bought these leopard print flats from Target. I had been on a mission to replace my extremely-worn-out tan flats for the past few weeks, and when I tried these on (initially as a bit of a joke) I couldn't help but like them. So far I love wearing them with other patterns, like the stripes and polka dots pictured above. I know they'll get a lot of wear. And did I mention they were on sale??

There were a few other purchases in between but these two were my favorite!
Thoughts on that hat, anyone?

Have an awesome weekend!


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