Friday, November 30, 2012

Holiday Gifts + Happy Friday!

Holiday Gifts
Holiday Gifts by oliviamyheart

Everyone is the blogosphere seems to be doing this and at first I thought it was lame...but then I changed my mind! It was really fun putting this together for John & I. Thanks to a large purchase I made over Thanksgiving break, I can't afford to buy John the gift I wanted to (but don't worry, his birthday isn't too far away) so I'm making some cute things for him instead. Really, I'd buy him the world if I could. But I can't, not yet anyway, so instead I picked out a few small things for him (and some things I've also had my eye on, just for fun ;) )

For him: sweaters 1 & 2, shoes and notebooks
For her: shoes, Instagram prints (you can follow me @oliviamyheart) and camera bag

P.S. I'm totally aware that some of these things are pricey. However, I firmly believe that if you need something and will use it a lot, it is worth the money! And these are hypothetical gifts anyway, so it's just for fun.


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