Thursday, November 22, 2012

Being Thankful

Everyday, at some point, I have a moment  
where I look at John  
or I talk to my Mom, Dad, or sister on the phone  
or I have a really good practice session  
and I think to myself  
"I've got it good." 
Because I do. 

Even with all the crap, even with all of the sick and unhappy days,  
I've got it good. And I know it. 
But today is the day where we specifically think about what we're thankful for,
so I've made a list:
My beautiful, loving and supportive family... beautiful friends...
...this lil anti-social kitty...
...and the best boyfriend/best friend in the world (but I might be biased).

I am so grateful for the amount of love and support that I have in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving, all.

A lot of these photos are from last Spring semester. See a few more related ones of my family here and here, and more of friends from Israel (like Leah who's up above!) here.


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