Wednesday, October 24, 2012

These Days

The past week or two has been rough for me.
I know, I say that a lot. I know.
There are a lot of obstacles in my life that I just find my way around and try not to look back at.
And there always seem to be new things cropping up trying to get in my way.
That's cool, life. I get it. 
Without any struggle I definitely would have a hard time appreciating what I have.
However. Lately, I've been having a hard time doing that anyway, for no apparent reason.
Even though there are things that are hard and things that I absolutely want fixed, 
(ahem, Crohn's Disease & friends , I'm talkin' to you)
there are too many good things that just can't be ignored.
One of my favorite bloggers wrote this post along similar lines, inspiring this one.
So I'm going to make a list of things, things that are making me happy, right now,
even in my sadder-than-normal state of mind.

- SNL's Weekend Update; specifically this :)
- Watching The Mentalist with John
- Going to see the musical he's in...again
- Cooking and baking, for other people
- Editing photos for friends (you can see just a couple of them here)
- Singing along with music, by myself, out loud
- Walking
- Thinking about birthday plans with my sister
- Cooler weather
- Good hair days
- Pretzel M&M's. Seriously.
- Time with John
- Doing absolutely nothing

It's sometimes hard to stop what I'm doing in order to let myself reboot.
I just need to remember that it's something that I need to do.



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