Friday, October 26, 2012


I took out my red lipstick for a second outing at a friend's birthday party last weekend.

John & I had a glorious Friday afternoon.
We went out for lunch at one of our favorite places,
then came home and watched movies and made jokes and relaxed.
People think that we are together so much, and we are but frankly these past few weeks have been so hectic that we've really only spent any quality time together at night, right before going to sleep.
This weekend has suddenly become crazy busy for both of us...
so much so that I had to cancel more than a couple plans with friends...sorry, friends :(...
so it was really nice to just take a break and enjoy the few hours of free time that we had together.

All this busy-ness, it's good though.
John's finishing up the musical and I'm babysitting pretty much all weekend.
Yay monies!
Factor in studying, homework, tutoring a high school student and practicing, and there you have it.

Happy weekend :p

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