Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Our Weekend

Apologies for the belated post, 
as it's now Tuesday and this is about the weekend...
but in any case!  It was a fun one.
 Good 'ole fashioned burgers & fries (and hash browns) date.
My first lipstick purchase EVER (in red red red) and my new fav headband.
And then...the most exciting part of the weekend...
We painted a chalkboard in our living room.
Seemingly, no big deal, but I was over the moon.
 Rachel helping, painting, and Josh.
Finished product!
Not the best picture, but my camera battery was dead.
(Good going, Olivia, I know)
It was a good time and I wasn't even sick that much, so bonus points for this weekend :)

Also, some links:
I think my Twitter is hilarious (but maybe it's just me).
Check out my first sponsor and great friend, Lauren,
and Tyler's totally awesome skills (in case you haven't already).
My sister and I bought the exact same pair of pants during this awesome sale,
aaaand last but not least (in fact it's the most) (and it's not a link), I am going home this weekend!

Hope your weeks are off to an awesome start.


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