Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our Weekend & Kevin's Birthday

This past Friday was one of our best friend, Kevin's, birthday!
 So we went out for dinner,
 where the waitresses sang and gave Kevin a card,
which they all signed.
And Logan was wearing some dope shoes.
Then, we had a birthday party.
This is Tonks, our hostess for the beginning of the evening.
The party started out like this...
...and then got slightly more BA.
Kevin seemed to enjoy his birthday festivities.
...or did he?

I was pretty sick during dinner and I had to leave the party early. 
Just the beginning of the series of fun things I had to miss out on this weekend.
I spent Saturday in bed, watching John make some Timpani mallets,
and watching movies of course.
It wasn't a great weekend.
But I'm glad we at least got to celebrate Kevin's birthday;
hope it was a great 20th, Kevin :)



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