Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Tiny Blast to the Past

 Homecoming 2012 hollllaa
Saturday was spent getting Rebecca ready for her last homecoming dance ever.
(Roxy is sitting on the curling iron...don't worry, it wasn't even plugged in)
Apparently, my calling is really to be a cosmetologist.
And then we went to one of her friend's homes to take photos.
 Bec and her date.
The diva.
 She looked beautiful!!!  As did all of her friends.
 Apologies for the faces, people.  But this is real life.
Then Dad and I went out for dinner and dessert and HGTV.
It was fun being a part of Rebecca's homecoming in a way.
And it made me thankful that I'm no longer in high school ;)



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