Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Tiny Blast to the Past

 Homecoming 2012 hollllaa
Saturday was spent getting Rebecca ready for her last homecoming dance ever.
(Roxy is sitting on the curling iron...don't worry, it wasn't even plugged in)
Apparently, my calling is really to be a cosmetologist.
And then we went to one of her friend's homes to take photos.
 Bec and her date.
The diva.
 She looked beautiful!!!  As did all of her friends.
 Apologies for the faces, people.  But this is real life.
Then Dad and I went out for dinner and dessert and HGTV.
It was fun being a part of Rebecca's homecoming in a way.
And it made me thankful that I'm no longer in high school ;)


Friday, September 28, 2012

You Know I'm Home When...

...I take a million pictures of my cats.  Because I love them.
But here are just two.
Aren't they the cutest ever?!

I am so happy to be home, with my Momma, and my sister, (and my Dad) and my kitties.
Happy weekend, peeps.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Slices of Life

 This week has been...hectic.  And busy.  To say the least.
But on the plus side, I did put up string lights in my room and give my water bottle a tuxedo.
That makes it a productive week, right?

Seriously though, I'm going home tomorrow and it's about to get real crazy.
Starting today, doctors appointments, long car rides, homework, practicing...
But I guess that's life, and I'm not about to start complaining now.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Our Weekend

Apologies for the belated post, 
as it's now Tuesday and this is about the weekend...
but in any case!  It was a fun one.
 Good 'ole fashioned burgers & fries (and hash browns) date.
My first lipstick purchase EVER (in red red red) and my new fav headband.
And then...the most exciting part of the weekend...
We painted a chalkboard in our living room.
Seemingly, no big deal, but I was over the moon.
 Rachel helping, painting, and Josh.
Finished product!
Not the best picture, but my camera battery was dead.
(Good going, Olivia, I know)
It was a good time and I wasn't even sick that much, so bonus points for this weekend :)

Also, some links:
I think my Twitter is hilarious (but maybe it's just me).
Check out my first sponsor and great friend, Lauren,
and Tyler's totally awesome skills (in case you haven't already).
My sister and I bought the exact same pair of pants during this awesome sale,
aaaand last but not least (in fact it's the most) (and it's not a link), I am going home this weekend!

Hope your weeks are off to an awesome start.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Little Publicity

Yesterday, Tyler and I went out to a local park to test out her new camera.
It was a little awkward, but a lot of fun.
Shirt, Forever 21; Shorts, Gap; Shoes (not pictured), Target
These are a few of my favorites.  
We took some with my clarinet, and a few others,
but these few just make me feel like such a model!
This post feels a bit narcissistic, but Tyler is seriously talented
and these photos came out so well.
So, like, if you're doing a recital
or some huge life event is happening
and you need it documented,
call her.

Weekend post to come soon!

Friday, September 21, 2012

I Miss Colorado

 Mom & I on the drive up to the Continental Divide.
We didn't make it all the way up (I get really car-sick) but it was beautiful.
Emerald Lake in Estes Park.

I love it here, at FSU, with my friends and my love and the College of Music.
But these past few weeks, with the exception of a few good days, have been awful.
I feel like I'm being tested or something, I mean seriously,
as soon as I think it can't get worse, it does.
Side note: this is purely related to my health.  I am extremely happy otherwise.
Last night, after crying a lot (maybe more than once...or more than twice...),
I found myself really missing the week I spent in Colorado with my Momma this summer.
We went for a family event and then she and I stayed an extra four days or so 
to hike and enjoy the state, and honestly, 
it is the most beautiful.
The air is crisp and clean, 
it was a bit chilly even in May, 
there is wild life everywhere, 
and the people (specifically in Boulder) 
don't care what anyone thinks about them.

I wish I could escape from the stress of always being sick,
of there always being something wrong with me,
and go into those mountains again, 
just smell the air and sit in nature
and enjoy the life that I have.
Lately it's been difficult for me to do that last one and I kind of hate that.
So for now, I'll just day-dream about taking John there someday,
so he can see why I love and miss it so much.

Happy weekend, all.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

So Far, So Good

The end of the sick weekend and the first hot chocolate of the season.

Today is the first day I've felt pretty well all day.
All day, people.
That's practically a freakin' record for me.
Hopefully it'll continue this way,
so this week can be a good one,
and I can have some friend-time.
Like tomorrow!

Hope everyone's weeks are going well so far, too.

If you or anyone you know is interested, 
please please please check it out and/or email me.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our Weekend & Kevin's Birthday

This past Friday was one of our best friend, Kevin's, birthday!
 So we went out for dinner,
 where the waitresses sang and gave Kevin a card,
which they all signed.
And Logan was wearing some dope shoes.
Then, we had a birthday party.
This is Tonks, our hostess for the beginning of the evening.
The party started out like this...
...and then got slightly more BA.
Kevin seemed to enjoy his birthday festivities.
...or did he?

I was pretty sick during dinner and I had to leave the party early. 
Just the beginning of the series of fun things I had to miss out on this weekend.
I spent Saturday in bed, watching John make some Timpani mallets,
and watching movies of course.
It wasn't a great weekend.
But I'm glad we at least got to celebrate Kevin's birthday;
hope it was a great 20th, Kevin :)


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Photo Booth Gems from Who Knows When...

As embarrassing as these are, they're just too freakin' funny to not share.
(or at least, I think so; they made me smile even when I was really sick yesterday)
I have only a vague idea of when the first three were taken,
no recollection whatsoever of the fourth,
and the fifth was from when Rebecca visited.
For some reason, these absolutely ridiculous pictures made me laugh so hard.
And obviously the poor quality is from, well, Photo Booth.


Friday, September 14, 2012

Slices of Life

This week has been an especially rough one for me.
I've been sick nearly every day, 
which makes school feel so much more difficult to sit through
and a little more embarrassing, too.
It's beginning to take an emotional toll,
because I'm just sick of being sick all the time.
I'm sick of feeling like I'm always making excuses,
(even though Crohn's Disease a pretty legit reason)
and I'm sick of having to miss out on fun things because I'm not feeling well.
To my friends: sorry I have to bail so often for this reason :(

But still, a few good things from this week (and there are good things that I don't have photos of):
Practicing. Always practicing.
Favorite necklace.
Lunch with boyfriend.
And listening to this song (really, the whole album; it's so good) on repeat.

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend, hopefully...
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