Monday, August 13, 2012

What We Did Between Meals

 This was the big weekend!  We finally moved into our new apartment ('we' being my roommate and lifetime best friend, Rachel--pictures of the apartment to come soon).  So my Dad came up to help!  And let me tell you...without him, it would not have gone nearly as smoothly as it did.  In fact, we moved almost all of my stuff from one apartment to the other within two hours.  And though unpacking and organizing took the entire day, that's still pretty impressive.  We had a bit of a joke about how we were just waiting around until the next meal because we spent the entire weekend unpacking and then eating.  There was however, some time in between (literally between days, actually...) where we just relaxed and watched the best movie on the planet.
 And then we ate again.  Breakfast at Angelette's was easily one of the best parts of the weekend.
As always, I was sad to see him go, but I couldn't be more grateful that he took time out of his golf game (haha) to come help and spend some time with me.  
Thanks, Dad!
(You'd better come see me again soon!)

Hope everyone had a great weekend, too.



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