Saturday, August 18, 2012


So, apparently this is a thing that's traveling around the blogosphere!...
The rules:
- Write eleven or so facts about yourself
- Answer the eleven questions that the person who tagged you asked
- Pick some peeps to tag
- Think of eleven questions for them to answer
- Read what they wrote!
Here we go, eleven things about myself (if I can think of that many):
- My hair is the longest that it has been since kindergarten
- I am totally a cat person (and so is John) but I like other animals too, don't worry
- My favorite color is purple
- My roommate says I am an "in-the-closet Harry Potter obsessor"
- I love feeding people
- I pretty much only buy clothes on sale (with a few exceptions)
- My sister is my best friend
- I'm studying Clarinet Performance
- I have an awesome boyfriend who takes care of me (especially when I'm sick)
- I'm sick a lot :(
- But, I'm extremely happy!
Now, to answer Camille's questions:
- Do you have a nickname?
My mom calls me a bunch of different nicknames that only she can call me.  I have some friends who call me Olive, my sister calls me Livia, and sometimes John calls me Liv (but mostly because it's shorter to type in a text)
- What camera do you use?
I have a Panasonic Lumix FZ 40.  Not super professional (I didn't intend to start a blog when I got it) but someday I really want to get a Nikon D3000.
- Are you into all things organic?
Nope, I'm not.  Mostly because I can't afford to buy all organic groceries...they're on the more expensive side.  I like fresh fruits and vegetables more than almost anything else though.
- Is denim on denim for reals a thing now?
Apparently!  (Secretly I wish I could pull it off...but I can't.)
- Are elephants just like the best thing ever or what?
They're pretty awesome creatures, I can't lie.
- Are you wearing astronaut pants? (because your donk is outta this world)
Awww shucks, makin' me blush.
- What's your favorite blog post that you've done so far?
This post is probably my favorite so far because (a) I love this photo of us for some reason, and (b) I was looking forward to so many things at this point!  It was right before I moved into my new apartment and right before my Dad came to visit.
- Hey, how you doin'?
Camille, you ask the best questions.  I'm doing swell! Friends are finally coming back up to school to prepare for the fall semester and school is close...all good things.
- If you were trapped in a room with a spider and nothing else, what would you do?
Probably cry.
- What is something that made you happy today?
Seeing friends I haven't seen in a while, fresh pepper and peaches from the farmer's market, and John.
And now, eleven questions for the few people whose blogs I follow:
- Favorite place in the world?
- Favorite book?
- Favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
- Was the closing ceremony of the Olympics ridiculous, or what? (It's totally okay if you didn't watch them)
- Are Coke Slurpees not the best way to end a day at the beach?
- Do you like 90s movies/music?  If so, what's your fav movie/song?
- What prompted you to start a blog?
- Mac or PC?
- Favorite candy bar?
- Favorite tradition? (Family or otherwise)
- What is making you the happiest right now?

Mkay, so as I said, I don't follow many blogs who would actually respond to my "giving" them this award, but these couple of bloggers have really great blogs so I'll give it a shot and hopefully they'll participate!...

And thanks again, Camille :) 



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