Wednesday, August 1, 2012

At Last!

August is finally here!  Which means...
...packing!  And moving!

So far this month (haha) I've been quite productive; I woke up early to go practice, came home and made lunch, and began to pack up the things in my room that are not essential for everyday.  I can not appropriately express how excited I am to be moving into a new apartment!  We will have so much more space.  Not to mention the fact that packing and unpacking are the perfect ways to purge my room of all unnecessary things that have accumulated over the course of the year.  Let's just say many trash bags will be filled...

And while packing is a huge pain in the butt, it will be so worth it.


P.S. John was also productive today; he's been in the studio (meaning the percussion studio at school) all day helping his professor with some recording, which is something he's been hoping to get a chance to do for a long time.  So proud of him.


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