Friday, July 6, 2012


Yesterday, John left Tallahassee and picked me up at home and then he and I made the trek down to Juno Beach to stay with his family for about a week.  Juno Beach is a really, really beautiful place.  Huge houses and we can walk to the beach from his house and there are rarely people there.  It's wonderful.  And his Mom loves to bake, which is awesome (we just had some warm oatmeal cookies that were amazing).  These are a few shots from our first full day here; his Dad drove us around West Palm Beach and such and gave us (mainly me, since I've never been here) a little tour.

Guess who's happy to be reunited with his marimba?
 Henry Flagler's mansion.  It's gorgeous.
 This one speaks for itself.

Overall, a really fun day.



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