Sunday, July 22, 2012

That Time We Pup-Sat for a Friend

Meet Reece! 
John and I were helping out a friend this weekend by pup-sitting this handsome fellow.  I never had a dog growing up and quite frankly John and I are both cat-people, so it was a fun new experience to have a dog for a weekend.  
We actually started our weekend with a trip to the farmer's market (sans dog) because John's been obsessing over the idea of making our own smoothies.  So we picked up some fresh fruit and held some kittens (for some reason they always have pet adoptions at the farmer's market here...) and then went to Publix for some frozen fruit to make our own smoothies.  And they weren't half bad.
Then we made our way to Lake Ella.

 It was a really beautiful day to spend with a really beautiful dog and a really beautiful boyfriend.
 And when we went home, we made dinner for two.
Today (Sunday) we just watched a movie, walked Reece, practiced, and I cleaned around my apartment a little.  But it was a pretty awesome weekend; a little bit like having a mini-vacation.  I hope your weekends were all just as pleasant!



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