Monday, July 30, 2012

It's the Little Things

Today, my good friend Bryttany and I made a plan to go to a lake near school where they have canoeing, rock climbing and swimming.  Sounds cool, right?  We thought so too.  Until we got there, and the lake was closed.  As in, there was a storm coming and they couldn't let anyone onto or into ithe water.  It was overcast and we had already been running late compared to our original plan, so after a bit of debate and staring at the ominous sky, we left and eventually decided to go to the movies.  We stopped by each of our houses to change clothes, grabbed our pre-packed lunches, and headed to the theater where movies are only $5 during the week!  We sat down, ate our sandwiches, meanwhile realizing that the sound of the previews was not working fact, we couldn't hear any of the dialogue.  They told us they were trying to fix it...but in the end they couldn't.  So they gave us tickets to a slightly later showing and free tickets for another time (score!) and we made our way to the next theater, now forty-five minutes later than the previous movie was supposed to start.  But we were patient, and in the end it turned out really well.  We saw the movie, got free tickets for next time, and got to hang out all day and talk about girl stuff.  What's not to like?
And then of course, I came home to shower since I was covered in sunscreen the entire time this was happening.  After which I changed into this awesome shirt that I thought I'd share.

It's the little things that make days when nature is against you worth it.



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