Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, America!

I've always really enjoyed the 4th of July.  Everyone gets together and eats burgers and drinks beer (well, if you like beer and are legal) and our family usually goes to our friend's lake and hangs out there and it's tons of fun.  This year our friends were out of town, and since my Dad had the day off we decided to make the most of it and actually do something.  So we went to the beach.

That's my cat, Roxy, with a mug that my extremely patriotic sister, Rebecca, made.  Uber cute.
 We started the day off right with some pancakes.  My sister is a connoisseur of pancakes.  She makes them all the time and they're delicious (which means something coming from me because I don't usually like pancakes a whole lot).  But I had to get weird and creative... I made a few red, white, and blue.  Kind of.  Also, my mom insisted upon reading us the entire Declaration of Independence AND the pre-amble to the Constitution.  If that doesn't make it obvious that she's a history buff, I don't know what does.

And finally, after much traffic... Dad, Rebecca, and I made it to the beach!  Hot hot hot and sooo bright.  But a really beautiful day, for sure.
 We took a break from the sun to get some lunch at Frenchy's...

 ...and eventually returned to our lounging and swimming.
 And here's a Polaroid that my Dad took of Bec and me.  Could we look any paler??

It was a really, really fun day.  I'm not a HUGE fan of the beach (I know, I live in Florida, it should be a crime, whatever) but sometimes it's nice to spend a few hours sitting and swimming and sweating in the sand.  Today was definitely one of those nice times.  And it was extra nice spending the day with my Dad (who I don't see nearly as much as my Mom and sister), since tomorrow I'm leaving to spend a week in South Florida with John and his family and I'm not sure if I'll see my Dad when we make a one day layover in Tampa on our way back to Tallahassee.  I'm feeling very grateful for this Independence Day.  Hope everyone else had a safe and super fun 4th of July!



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