Monday, July 2, 2012

The Beginning

Hello, blogosphere!

After being an admirer of some very well done blogs (rockstar diaries and bleubird blog specifically), I have decided that I would like to join the crowd of bloggers, predominantly in an effort to archive my simple yet incandescently happy life.  The majority of these posts, I assume, will have to do with my relationship with my wonderful boyfriend, my schooling and musical endeavors, and my family and friends.  Who knows?  Maybe this will turn into to something, and maybe it won't.  But it'll at least be fun along the way.



  1. Hey:) I found you on google plus. I just started a blog myself, i know how it is just starting out. good luck!

    1. Thanks so much, good luck to you too! I followed your blog, I like it quite a lot. And I hope you enjoy mine!


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